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Part NO. Emitting Color Wavelength LM Central Lux(3m) Power(W)
SS300WRBA Red abd Blue 620-630NM&430-470NM 9000 350 300
SS300WRBB Red abd Blue 660NM&430-470NM 9000 350 300
SS300W white 7000K 14000 350 300
SS300WM warm white 3500K 14000 350 300

Power:300W (288pcs leds)         
Votage:    AC120/AC230           
Life time:50000hrs          
Remote control. more convenient to use.        
there are 3 mode to choose to suitable for plant or coral in different environment.      
It can adjust the brightness of led light, this will save more energy for customer       
Suitable for the greenhouse, home gardens, farm and other places which need sufficient      
lights for the plants. Can be used with fluorescent lights and sodium lamp, suitable for the      
vegetable shed and botanic Garden. This item also can make the flower in blossom      
longer, so it can be used for the flower exhibition.        
No UV, provid different wavelength of light which can be fully obsorbed by the plants.       
Can be placed above the plant directly ,promote the  plant growth,budding,flowering, promote plants photosynthesis.     
Supply energy or complemental energy for the plants(The lighting time no  more than 12hours   during one day time)    
Minimal maintenance cost and pure,saturated colours         
Save 80% power consumption comparing with traditional high pressure sodium and metal halogen lights,save money for the end users    
The light decay is very little (4.8% after 1000hrs working hours)        
Unique patented heat sinking design         
CE and RoHS           
Working temperature rising ≦15℃          

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