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Part NO.
SS-T8SMDLAW White 7000K 1800 Dia30X1200mm 20W 480LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDLAWM warm white 3500K 1800 Dia30X1200mm 20W 480LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDLBW White 7000K 1500 Dia30X1200mm 18W 440LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDLBWM warm white 3500K 1500 Dia30X1200mm 18W 440LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDSAW White 7000K 900 Dia30X600mm 10W 420LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDSAWM warm white 3500K 900 Dia30X600mm 10W 420LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDSBW White 7000K 750 Dia30X600mm 8W 380LUX 220/110V
SS-T8SMDSBWM warm white 3500K 750 Dia30X600mm 8W 380LUX 220/110V

Product Features:          
* CE and RHOS compliance         
* luminous equals 200w incandescent light       
* unique heat sinking device and good dissipation       
* use low power SMD,emit beam light,average aperture,no speckle     
* long time working temperature rise less than 15 degree      
*  0.08w*200 as the 16w light source        
Product Application:         
* Suitable for hotel,restaurant.drinkery,ok hall,ballroom and home etc.     
can replace of traditional fluorescent lamp.need to remove the Tube and install directly.    
* It’s only applied in the inductance ballast fluorescent lamp and remove the starter    
* Need to remove the electronic ballast when applied in the line of T8 tube heads     
when applied in the electronic ballast       
* Indoor uses only.         
* Don’t touch the surface when the light is on.       
* AC120V/230V         
* The lux test data is at the height 3 meters.       
  USER’S MANUAL:                
User should read the manual before using this high power T8 tube light,     
other wise it will niduce short circuit,lelctric shock or fire.             
1.Electronic ballast must be removed before installed on a fixture with a ballast,    
connect the line,see Picture(1).And Check the power supply,voltage before using.         
2.The starter(S)must be removed before installed on a fixture with inductance ballast. 
See picture(2),and Check the power supply voltage before using.             
         False False Bitmap      
 Remark:Please pull out(S){starter}before install T8 tube light on the fixture,    
or will induce short circuit or be dangerous.            

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